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"Compare energy deals in your area."

Westward Group Energy Alternatives

Westward Group Energy Alternatives is an autonomous service for patrons who want to save cash on their gas and energy bills. Here are several major pieces of information about our service.

Established in 2012, Westward Group Energy Alternatives provides wide-ranging and objective guidance on home energy services.

10 Top Tips to help cut your power bills

Energy costs continue to rise, so go over our Top 10 Tips on how to save on your energy bills.

Our nation wastes about £11billion of energy annually; meaning, for every heating cost of £3 in your home, £1 goes to waste due to inefficient energy use.

With the expected higher energy costs this winter, many more people are taking extra effort to save energy. Try our simple 10-step guide to discover how you can reduce your gas and electricity costs.

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